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A quality tailored suit is of timeless design, not being affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. However, suits do not realise perpetual succession and must be appropriately cared for.

All gentlemen are guilty of being indolent in properly hanging their suit up after a hard day in the office, failing to properly use a napkin while dining and consequently dry-clean their suits too frequently.  Unfortunately, these bad habits inevitably deteriorate our suits fabric and construction.

This article is not reserved for those of you that stay at home combing your suit after every use, but is more tailored to those whom are after the simplest and most cost efficient ways to get the most out of your important formalwear.

Carry on gentlemen,






Step 1: Choosing the Appropriate Fabric

Woollen suits with a thread-count of Super 150 and finer are generally a lot thinner and lighter. However, this causes the fabric to become much more fragile, wearing out exponentially faster than coarser wool. If you do not want to spend a small fortune maintaining your suit, look for woollen fabrics with a thread-count between Super 110’s and 140’s.


Step 2: Store your Suit Properly

Deter from hanging your suit in your over crowded closest. Please hang on a separated suit rack. This is imperative in allowing the suit to maintain its shape and will allow the suit to air out effectively. Even more importantly, make sure your suit is hanged in a ventilated garment bag. Hanging your suit on a cedar hanger is further recommended, as this absorbs moisture and repels moths.

So, as a quick recap – hang your suits separately and place in a ventilated garment bag on a cedar hanger.


Step 3: Repel Moths

Moths can turn your woollen suit into their lunch. As indicated earlier, moths are repelled by cedar. Cedar can be best used by hanging your suit on a cedar hanger and/or by placing cedar blocks in your suit pockets. Otherwise, the easiest method is to make sure your closet is well hoovered and is not housing a family of two hundred moths.


Step 4: Cancel your Dry Cleaning Appointment

We understand that gentlemen get a certain confidence from dry-cleaning their suit prior to a job interview or formal occasion. However, if your suit is not dirty then it does not need to be dry-cleaned. The chemicals involved in dry cleaning can wear out and deteriorate your suits fabric. It is recommended that you limit the dry cleaning of your suit to once per quarter.

However, if your suit is noticeably wrinkled or you really need that confidence boost pre-occasion, then it is recommended that your suit be pressed. This allows for the crispness without the chemicals.