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Your Suit Vents


At Suit Society, we pay attention to the integrate details, believing that every aspect of a suit is critical to achieving your unique and desired look. So this week we back that with the latest tip on constructing your dream suit; selecting the vents. Choosing yours is set to be a breeze after reading this journal post (pun most definitely intended).

side vetnq

Think back to the legionary cavalry of the Roman Equestrian Order (don’t worry, we won’t judge you for googling it), there is one style that holds true today, side vented suits. Side vents are found in duplicity on the back panel of the suit jacket. As indicated earlier, they provide a generous range of motion. This allows gentlemen to sit in the captain’s chair on their speedboat, ride a camel down the Silk Road in China or even skydive into a volcano (not recommended) without having to worry about creasing their suit jacket. Fancy yourself a James Bondesque figure and need plenty of room too manoeuvre in your suit, this is the one for you.

central vent

Did you know the central vent is indicative of an American cut suit jacket? This is where there is one vent found in the middle of the back panel on a suit jacket. The Roman Equestrian Order didn’t wear these, so perhaps not our highest recommendation.  But, there is definitely a place for them and we do admit that they look good on less formal attire (sports coats and casual suits), so if this what you are after this vent is perfect. 

no vents

Finally, the not so breezy, ventless option. These provide a very slimming fit and look great when standing. But if you plan to sit down at some point and value comfort and creaseless attire, then steer away from this option. Recommended for tuxedos or for the performing arts. 


Don’t forget, we tailor the suit to your needs and if this information leaves you sitting on the fence we can help you in selecting which way to go.

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