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Tailored vs Off-the-rack

Tailored vs off-the-rack

The thought of getting a tailored suit can seem like a daunting task too many men.

A tailored suit is often thought to be reserved for the rich and famous – those elitists who clink scotch glasses and laugh behind a cloud of cigar smoke in a mahogany whisky bar.  After all, why would you need a custom-tailored suit if you’re just a regular guy? – let alone be able to afford one.

A custom-tailored suit is more affordable than most men think, often being more economical than an off-the-rack suit and even a more convenient option. Let us tell you why as we delve into the common myths of tailored suiting!


“Tailored suits are expensive.”

Expensive in what context? Is a question you must ask yourself, it is true that tailored suits will never be cheaper than an off-the-rack suit. This down to streamline production to cut costs and in turn, pass those savings onto the consumer. If a tailored suit is cheaper than an off-the-rack suit, it’s only because the fabric is of a lower quality. These fabrics should be reserved for street tailors in Thailand, who promise you the world and prove their fabrics worth with burn tests.

Did you know? The burn test (Holding a bare flame to a fabric to prove its authenticity) are completely pointless, they don’t prove anything about the quality of the fabric. It’s just a simple tactic used to allure unsuspecting tourists and victims.

When properly examining the costs of purchasing a tailored suit in the correct context and comparing the costs to an off-the-rack suit, it becomes quite clear that tailoring is affordable. Affordability can be judged by the cost of your time. Time finding an off-the-rack suit that fits and ticks all your boxes can be very time-consuming. Secondly, tailors can often replicate suit features that appear only on high-end expensive labels for a fraction of the price. Last and most importantly, a tailored suit will fit you perfectly. Often, time and money are spent on alterations to achieve a perfect fit for an off-the-rack suit which diminishes any initial savings you may have had.

Mind changed? No? There’s more…

“Getting a tailored suit is inconvenient”

Visiting a tailor to get measured and to select your suits options can take some time. Often measurements can take upwards of 30 minutes and customising your suit to your liking can be a timely process if you are unsure of your wants and needs. Plus, the construction of a tailored suit can take up to a few weeks.

However, this time and effort pales in comparison when buying off-the-rack suit. Time spent visiting numerous stores for the desired style and searching for that elusive perfect fit on an off-the-rack suit can be a whole day, or even a weekend affair. Coming to the likes of Suit Society gives you access to more than the purchase of a suit. Our stylist have years of experience to guide you in the process and your suit design is only limited by your imagination. This all the more highlights the convenience of a tailored suit and not the reverse. Furthermore, it becomes even more evident on the second purchase, once we get to know you and your measurements are on file, leaving it down to a phone call to organise another perfectly fitted suit.

2-0 to the tailors? Convinced? We’ll give you some more anyway…

“Off-the-rack suits fit me perfectly”

myth 3

An easy argument for the tailor to win it seems, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who state the above. The obvious truth is that tailored suit will always be a better fit than an off-the-rack suit. A tailor constructs your suit to your specific measurements, allowing the suit to hug what it should and drape where it must. This can never be replicated with an off-the-rack suit because no one’s body is completely standard. 

3-0. Fine. We’ll give you one more…

“It’s just a suit, the quality is the same”

myth 4

A statement that often leaves us at Suit Society speechless. There will always be a difference in quality between an off-the-rack and tailored suit. It’s not always the fabric – it’s the craftsmanship. An off-the-rack suit is often produced by machines on an assembly line. A tailored suit is constructed by hand and overseen by one or a group of tailors. The attention to detail cannot be matched when comparing a machine to a real live human being. Also, a tailored suit allows you to customise to your own liking. Details such as pic stitching, canvassing and being able to choose your own fabric. Fabric that would often surpass the quality of an off-the-rack suit.

Convinced? We thought so. Don’t waste any more time trawling those abhorrent places we call department stores. Book a free 30 minute consultation with Suit Society – you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is.



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