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Q: When will I receive my garments?

A: You should receive your custom made garment within 5 to 7 weeks. If your garments are for a wedding or a specific event, please allow for 8 weeks. Please note that customs, delivery companies and other variables that are beyond our control may affect delivery times.

Q: What are your shipping options?

A: We offer free Australian-wide shipping on orders over $150. For orders under $150, please contact us for further details on delivery prices.

Q: Can I prioritise my order?

A: All our orders are sent by express shipping to ensure that your garment arrives at the earliest time possible. For this reason, we cannot further prioritise your order.

Q: What countries does Suit Society ship to?

A: We deliver to most countries around the globe. To check if we deliver to where you live, please contact us.

Q: Can my garments be delivered to Post Office Boxes or military addresses?

A: Unfortunately we cannot deliver your garments to your P.O Box or military addresses.

Q: Are there any additional taxes or tariffs on my order?

A: Taxes and other shipping charges on imported packages can be charged in some countries. These taxes and charges often change daily and we cannot incorporate these charges into the shipping charge at payment. If you are unsure whether your country charges these taxes please check with your customs office before placing your order.

Q: Can I change my shipping address?

A: Please contact us immediately to change your shipping address (if needed). If your garment has been sent before notification, we are unable to re-direct your order.


Q: What if my suit or shirt does not fit?

A: Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy.

Q: Where should I take my garments to be altered?

A: You can take your garments to be altered at any local tailor or clothing alterations store. Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy for further information.

Q: How long does it take to have my garment remade?

A: We will ensure that production for your remade garment will commence as soon as possible. The delivery may take up to six weeks depending on the garment that needs to be remade.

Q: How do I submit my updated measurements after an alteration?

A: Your local tailor will list updated measurements on your Alterations Form. We will update your measurements upon receiving this email from you. 


Q: Should I get a tailor to take my measurements?

A: This is not necessary. We provide an easy to follow measuring guide that if followed correctly will provide the correct measurements for your custom suit. It should only take 10 minutes to obtain your measurements and is best if a trusted friend assists you.

Q: Can I use the same measurements of a well fitting suit I already own?

A: Yes. If you would like to use the existing measurements from a previous suit please contact our friendly team and we will provide you with instructions.

Q: I would like to change my original measurements submitted, is this possible?

A: Please contact us immediately to change any submitted measurements. If your garment is already in production we are unable to change your measurements. Please note that we assess all submitted measurements to ensure the perfect fit before creating your custom suit.

Q: I am a different body shape to the models in the photos. Will the suit still fit me?

A: Yes, our suits and shirts are tailored to your provided measurements. 

Q: Do you provide suits for the larger gentlemen or children?

A: Yes, our suits and shirts are tailored to your provided measurements. However, some sizes may be deemed to large or too small to create. We will contact you if this is the case.

Q: How are my measurements used to create my custom suit?

A: The measurements that you submit using our self-assessment guide may not be the final measurements used to create your custom suit. Suit Society guarantees the perfect fit and to ensure we create the best fitting suit in your wardrobe we may adjust your measurements using our professional judgement.


Q: How can I contact Suit Society?

A: Contact us directly by emailing customercare@suitsociety.com.au or over the phone on 0422 090 220. Please refer to our Contact Us page for further information.

Q: How can I pay for my order?

A: Suit Society accepts credit card payment by MasterCard or Visa. All Payments are protected by an SSL encryption to ensure your details remain safe and secure. Unfortunately we are unable to process American Express.

Q: How do I use my gift certificate?

A: To use your gift certificate please make it available to one of our stylists during your fitting (or email through the details when finalising payment).

Q: I need some help in choosing the perfect suit. Can you help?

A: We would love to help. Please contact us with your style question and hopefully we can assist you! Also, please see our Journal on the website for articles on style tips and the like.

Q: Is it safe to use my credit card for payment?

A: We use an SSL secure connection when performing transactions. This ensures that your information remains secure and private.


Q: Can I make my suit a three-piece?

A: Yes. Please let our stylists know that you would like your suit to be a 3-piece, so that they can run through the styling options with you during your fitting.

Q: Do you provide fused and canvassed suits?

A: Yes, we provide fused, half canvass and full canvass suits.

Q: What is the difference between fused and canvassed options?

A: Canvas refers to exactly that, a canvas fabric that is lightly sewn to the wool fabric shell. A fused suit jacket has a fusible interlining glued to the wool fabric shell. For more information please read our article at http://bit.ly/19TTPUE.

Q: Can I provide my own fabric?

A: We source a large selection of fabrics and are confident you will find the fabric that you are after. For this reason, you unfortunately cannot provide your own fabric.

Q: I want a particular design that is not part of your options. Do you have different styles to choose from?

A: We are tailors! Please contact us directly with any additional design/style options that you are after. We will let you know as soon as possible whether your design queries are possible.

Q: The fabric that I wanted is sold out. How long will I have to wait?

A: Wait times may vary depending on our supplier. As soon as the fabric becomes available, you will be notified.

Q: Can I order swatches of a particular fabric?

A: Unfortunately we do not supply swatch/samples of fabric. However, if you book a fitting or free consultation, you will be able to view our fabrics.

Q:What type of shoulder padding do you use?

A: The shoulder padding is made of 100% cotton.

Q: What is the lining made of?

A: The linings are made of either viscose, acetate, cupra, polyester and spendex.

Q: How many days in advance should I order if my suit is for my wedding or a special event?

A: If your garments are for a wedding or a specific event please allow for 8 weeks. Please note that customs, delivery companies and other variables that are beyond our control may affect delivery times.

Q: Where are the fabrics sourced?

A: A number of our fabrics are sourced from reputable European mills to ensure that they are of the highest quality and on trend.

Q: I have read some reports that online suit companies often use Sweat Shops to produce their suits. How can I be sure that Suit Society is not one of these companies?

A: We have a face-to-face relationship with our overseas tailors and fabric suppliers and oversee that their operations are conducted ethically.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to community.


Q: How do I find out when the next available appointment is?

A: Contact us, or book an appointment online, to organise a fitting or a free consultation for your next suit or shirt at one of our studios (or to be measured at home).

Q: What are the costs of being measured at home?

A: The fitting may take place at one of our studios, or at a location preferred by you close to one of these studios.

If the fitting will take place at a location preferred by you, it will incur the following travel fee (but please call to confirm costs – as we may waive):

  • Within 7kms of any studio is free of charge
  • 8kms to 12kms of any studio incurs a $20 measurement fee
  • 13kms to 20kms of any studio incurs a $25 measurement fee
  • Destinations outside of the above distances, please call for a quote

Q: How long does it take to be measured?

A: It is expected to take 15 minutes to be fully measured up, and a further 30 minutes to be guided through, and ultimately choose, your fabric and design.

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