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The Intricacies of Suit Construction: A Detailed Look Behind the Seams


The Intricacies of Suit Construction: A Detailed Look Behind the Seams

Crafting made-to-measure suits involves meticulous techniques and dedication to quality. Join us as we explore the step-by-step process at Suit Society, sharing tailoring insights and tips along the way.

Unveiling the Suit-Making Process

Every suit at Suit Society commences with a thorough 45-minute fitting session to capture precise measurements, ensuring a tailored fit for each client. These measurements serve as the foundation for creating a custom tailoring block, essentially the blueprint for the suit’s construction.

The Importance of the Half-Canvas

Integral to the jacket’s structure is the half-canvas, positioned between the lining and outer fabric. Constructed with layers, including horsehair, this canvas provides stability and aids in moulding the jacket to the wearer’s body over time. Unlike competitors, Suit Society offers the option of full canvas for discerning customers seeking superior quality.

From Cutting to Fitting

After cutting the fabric according to the tailored block, the suit undergoes piecing and pressing before heading to the showroom for the first fitting. This stage allows for adjustments, such as hem alterations or jacket modifications, to ensure a flawless fit.

Tailoring the Perfect Fit

During the fitting session, clients have the opportunity to voice any concerns or preferences, enabling our in-house tailor to make necessary adjustments promptly. Our goal is to address any doubts and ensure clients leave completely satisfied with their bespoke garment.

Maintaining Suit Integrity

Recognising that bodies change over time, Suit Society encourages clients to bring in their suits for alterations as needed. Simple adjustments, such as waistband alterations or seam modifications, can prolong the life of the suit and maintain its impeccable fit.

Crafting a made-to-measure suit entails precision, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. At Suit Society, we are committed to delivering garments that not only fit perfectly but also stand the test of time. Join us in experiencing the artistry and dedication behind every bespoke creation.


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