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Does Your Suit Wear You?

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Have you ever wondered why some men look so good in a suit and some look so…well…ordinary?

In thinking of men who look great in a suit the mind turns to men such as Daniel Craig, George Clooney and even Barack Obama. So what you can do to achieve greatness like these individuals and why you should do it.


Measured suit


Tailored or nothing.

Getting a suit tailor made means a gentleman can be sure of a precision fit that…

  • Correctly forms around the body, hugging what it should and draping where it must.
  • Ensure the correct line from shoulder to hem produces the appropriate male silhouette.
  • Make certain that the correct lining, fabric and hem lengths create the look of success.

Shoulder fittings and chest widths, back seam placement, arm hem length and jacket length are of vital importance that provide the required success appeal that only a suit gives a man.

Furthermore, professional suit tailors offer additional unlimited first-hand knowledge and experience in things you simply wouldn’t broach when buying off-the-rack suits, such as…

  • The correct fabric weight.
  • The correct yarn
  • The correct lining and hem lengths
  • The appropriate canvassed internal structure.

In addition to this, an often forgotten part of the look, the tailor made shirt adds to the effect.



Plus Two.

Get Inspired.

These three gentlemen above have clearly visited a tailor to achieve their desired look, but each took their own approach in doing so. Pictured centrally, Harvey Spector from the successful American TV series ‘Suits’, is a role model for many men when achieving a desired look. Harvey’s suits are perfectly tailored and one of the major parts to his dominant look is the type and width of suit lapel. Check out our previous Journal Posts on Lapel Width and the types of Lapel on offer (hint: Harvey’s trademark is a Peak Lapel). A tailor can help you with a Harvey styled look, not a off-the-rack retailer.

Next, pictured right, the prolific Daniel Craig aka James Bond. Who wouldn’t want to look like bond? Again, it is clear his look is tailored. Focusing again on the Lapel, it is clear he flaunts a slimmer Notch Lapel achieving a modern appearance, perhaps one of a sportier/younger gentleman. Note changes in the fashion of older cast Bond actors. Is this the look you desire?

Last, but far from least on our ‘take inspiration’ shortlist is a leader of undoubtable prominence, Barak Obama. He sported a number of suits during his tenure, the one pictured above definitely one of our favourites. Perhaps this is the look that you’re going for?

Just like a visit to the barbers bring a picture of your desired look to help us help you achieve you desired look. Can’t do that on the high-street now, can you?

Banner 3 suit


Everyone Looks The Part.

One plus Two equals… a perfect suit for you. You can choose to stand-out or be subtly classy. It’s not a case of one size fits all like an off-the-rack suit and it’s certainly a resulted looked you’ll be proud to wear everyday.

So, whether it’s looking the part at work or at yours or someone else’s big day. Wedding parties and corporate individuals equally benefit from the precision measuring techniques, as let’s face it no wedding photo should ever show one or two of the wedding party looking better in a suit than the others.

Every man will look great in a suit tailored to fit them perfectly.

Our members wear the suit and not the other way around.


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